This video of an adorable fox family playing in the woods will melt your heart

Baby fox

Foxes often have a reputation for being cold, cunning, and solitary, but a video of a family of foxes playing together in a forest glade shows just how affectionate and social these animals can be.

Nature photographer Quentin Lenel captured this video of a family of wild foxes enjoying each other’s company to show us what wild animals’ lives are like when they aren’t dealing with human interference. The heartwarming video shows a mother and her four kits spending a peaceful moment in the sun. The scene is soundtracked by the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects. It’s a rare moment of peace in a habitat has been greatly reduced over time due to logging and development.

Foxes tend to hunt alone, but when it comes to raising a family, it’s a group effort. Newborn foxes are mostly helpless—they don’t even open their eyes until around nine days after birth—and they require a lot of care from their parents. Babies stay with their mothers while their fathers hunt for food to bring back to them. Foxes are extremely devoted parents, as demonstrated by a story in the Daily Mail about a baby fox caught in a snare. According to an RSPCA inspector, his mother brought him food every day for two weeks until he was found and released from the trap.

This video isn’t just a celebration of foxes’ cuteness (although they are undeniably adorable); it’s also a reminder of the importance of preserving natural habitats for wildlife so they can continue to live as wild creatures, free from human interference.