Watch a newborn deer take its first steps

Quick, how do you react when your eyes perceive something that is impossibly adorable? What sound, what expression do you make when confronted by a juggernaut of cuteness?

Whatever your style, prepare yourself before hitting play on this video, which features a newborn deer taking its first tentative steps.

Steve Fagan, a cinematographer with 4K Films, managed to capture this breathtaking footage of the fawn near his house in Departure Bay, British Columbia.

At just two days old, the fawn’s trembling legs portray a beautiful fragility. They are extremely hardy compared to human babies, as the deer is able to walk almost immediately after birth.

Watching this tiny spark of life huddling for safety near its mother, it’s hard to believe that it will reach breeding age in as little as a year and a half, growing into one of Canada’s largest and most graceful mammals.

Fagan has an active Youtube channel and has completed a documentary film called 80 Waves.