Watch a group of snowmobilers rescue a moose stuck in deep snow

Moose rescued from snow Photo courtesy of Jonathan Anstey/CBC.ca

A group of snowmobilers came to the rescue of a stranded moose just outside Gros Morne National Park on New Year’s Eve.

The troop, which included Jonathan Anstey of the Sledcore snowmobiling riding clinic, were out taking advantage of the freshly fallen snow. Unfortunately, the deep powder proved treacherous for some wildlife.

The group of eight spotted a moose’s head peaking out of the snow and decided to investigate.

While Anstey generally believes visitors in and around the park should give moose and other wildlife lots of space, he could see that the animal was struggling.

“You could tell he was frantically trying to get out of the hole that he had himself in,” he told CBC News.

Confident that the giant animal’s legs were stuck in the mud and that it would be unable to lash out, Anstey and his fellow snowmobilers spent 15 minutes digging around the animal.

Moose stuck in snow
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Anstey/CBC.ca

Once enough snow was removed, the moose was able to free itself and amble away.

While he felt confident that intervening was the right decision in this case, Anstey advises that people give animals like moose—who can weigh up to 700 kg—lots of room.

“Through Sledcore, we try to teach all of our clients that this is the moose’s house, so give them their space. We’ve got lots of room to play and go, so keep your distance.”

The group saw other moose struggling in the deep snow after they continued on their way. Luckily, none of the other animals appeared to be in need of their help.

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