Wakeboarders ride along icebergs in Patagonia

For all you cottagers who refuse to swim or dangle your legs off the dock whenever the lake water temperature drops to below 22 degrees, prepare to get some major chills.

In this awe/brrr-inspiring video, four wakeboarders trekked to the Patagonic waters of Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina to ride alongside icebergs.

Produced by Red Bull, the video features the four boarders, including the legendary Parks Bonifay, each armed with mittens and toques, speeding through the icy waters and navigating around massive, jutting icebergs.

Once acquainted with the cold waters, the boarders take it up a notch. They grind along the icebergs and ride through tiny openings, jumping off the icy structures like they’re ramps. It resembles snowboarding, but instead of landing in fresh powder, these boarders are falling into freezing water or even worse – crashing into icebergs.

From the company that lifted a man into the edge of outer space, just to have him free fall back down to earth, it makes sense that Red Bull would push the limits of extreme sports. What’s next? Mountain bike racing through a holy temple in Japan? Oh, nevermind: looks like they already did that.

Red Bull might not give you wings, but let’s hope they gave these boarders some hot chocolate, a Snuggie, and a pair of toasty long-johns for the ride home.