Two shrieking lynx go head-to-head

shrieking lynx Photo courtesy of Nicole Lewis/Facebook

Edward Trist and Nicole Lewis were walking down a logging road near Avery Lake, Ontario, when they came across two lynx engaged in a rather loud standoff.

The couple were on their way to go fishing with Trist’s daughter, but stopped to capture a video of the lynx chattering at each other. The animals were making a shrieking sound, something Trist had never heard before.

“I think the most bizarre thing of it is the audio, the sounds they made,” Trist told Global News.

I’ve heard similar sounds, but just the action of the headbutting…it just really caught me off guard.”

Oh wow 😮😍

Posted by Nicole Lewis on Friday, May 18, 2018

The animals were so locked into their battle for dominance that they didn’t even move when three humans got close and took out phones to capture the event.

Trist told Global News that he found it unusual that the animals didn’t move on when he showed up, but he’s glad they stayed put since it meant he got to capture the unusual encounter.

“I’m really realizing how rare of a shot I got.”

Lewis posted the video to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. Lewis’ post now has over 7 million views and Trist’s has been quite popular as well.

It turns out many people don’t know what lynx sound like, and are shocked to find out they don’t meow or roar.

“That is not a nice sound at all,” said one comment. Others compared it to the sounds of fights between siblings and even the sound of a truck revving.

The video has now been shared thousands of times across social media and Trist has fielded calls from around the world, including Germany and Australia.

“It’s absolutely overwhelming, to be honest,” Trist told the CBC.

He added that while he sees lots of wildlife in his area, including the occasional lynx, capturing this particular scene was just lucky.

“Somebody said maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.”

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