Trout River, Newfoundland has a whale of a problem

The scenic boardwalk in Trout River, Newfoundland, has a new attraction: a a giant blue whale that washed up onshore.

It’s quite a sight, but after more than a week exposed to the elements, the giant carcass has become alarmingly bloated. Town clerk Emily Butler remarked that “There is a possibility as well, with all the gases inside the whale, that it may possibly explode.”

exploding whale

While the probability of danger for onlookers is low, moving the whale is proving to be a difficult problem. And its unwelcome smell will only become worse when the whale eventually bursts.

The whale is believed to be among nine that were recently drowned or crushed by thick ice in the area. Local officials are doing their best to gather the resources and expertise needed to properly dispose of the remains.

If you’d like to keep abreast of news about the whale, check out Has the Whale Exploded Yet, a website dedicated to following the story.