Trade in your old two-stroke and save with Clean Wake

Trade in your old two-stroke and save with Clean Wake

If you mix oil and gas together before powering up your outboard, you’ve got a conventional two-stroke motor.

Trade “two-stroke” for “inefficient,” and that’s a pretty accurate description. (“Dirty,” “loud,” and “money wasting” also work.)

That’s because good ol’ two-strokes allow 30 percent of their fuel to pass through the combustion chamber unburned. That’s right—you’re dumping a third of your fuel straight into the lake, which is not only a crazy waste of money; it’s harmful to water around your cottage. Plus, a two-stroke’s inefficient combustion also creates harmful, smog-forming emissions.

Think about it—you go to the cottage to enjoy its fresh air and sparkling water. Why run a dirty, smoggy, expensive engine?

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix.

Right now, thanks to the Clean Wake program, when you bring your old two-stroke outboard engine to any Ontario Honda Marine dealer, you’ll get 10 percent off a new, efficient four-stroke outboard engine.

Honda’s so dedicated to developing motors with low environmental impacts that they’ve never actually made a two-stroke engine—so you know your boat’s running with the best there is.

Your old engine will be responsibly recycled through a local auto recycler—first treating and draining the operating fluids, then recycling the materials.

You’ll be off and running with an outboard motor that’s:

  • 90 percent cleaner
  • 50 percent more fuel efficient
  • 50 percent quieter

Even better, you’ll see a substantial reduction in your fuel costs, as well as a significant improvement in air and water quality.

Clean air and clear water—that’s what the cottage is all about.

For more information, go to www.cleanwake.ca.

Clean Wake is a program of Summerhill Impact in partnership with Environment Canada and Honda Canada Inc.