Tour the tree canopy in the Haliburton Forest

Canopy Tour

Anyone can wander along the forest floor—but you get a whole new perspective when you can see the treetops up close. Haliburton Forest offers an up-in-the-air alternative to traditional trekking with its 500-metre boardwalk through the forest canopy—the longest of its kind in the world. Explore the trees 10 to 20 metres off the ground, then pause on a viewing platform to enjoy a snack while your guide regales you with—ahem—tall tales and explains the forest environment around you. A spectacular view over the lakes and forests is the high point of your journey into the trees.

More info: Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

What’s nearby: Although your canopy tour also includes a short hike and a guided canoe ride, there’s plenty more to see in the Haliburton Forest, including their 15-acre Wolf Centre, home to two roaming wolf packs and an education centre. Want to get grounded? Explore the forest through more than 300 kilometres of hiking and mountain biking trails.

How to get there: Take the Don Valley / 404 north to Davis Drive / RR 31 and go east. Then go north on ON-48 (signs for Sutton), turn left onto highway 12 north, go east on County Road 48, and turn left onto highway 35 north (signs to Huntsville). For detailed directions, go to www.haliburtonforest.com.

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