10 reasons the cottage is more relaxing in the winter

spending winter at the cottage

Sure, summer is the traditional time to relax at the cottage—it’s hard not to bliss out when you’ve got the sun, the water, and the trees all around you. If you think about it, though, a winter cottage getaway has the potential to recharge your batteries even better.

Here are our top ten reasons why.

The muffling effect of snow

You’re never going to find silence as complete as being in the woods after a snowfall. Snow muffles everything—even those snowmobiles that tear through the forest and across the lake.

The empty roads

You might have to contend with some challenging driving weather (you put your snow tires on, right?) but at least you won’t be sitting in traffic for hours and hours and hours and hours and …

The smells and sounds

There’s nothing more soothing than the crackle of a wood fire and the gentle smell of smoke as the snow drifts down outside. Throw in a cozy blanket and you’ve got heaven on earth.

The chance to rest

It seems like the summer to-do list never ends, but there’s a lot less you can do in the winter. Enjoy the break!

The lack of crowds

The lineups in town are shorter, meaning you might actually get a chelsea bun or two at the bakery even if you don’t show up at the crack of dawn. Plus, you’ll get a chance to chat more with year-round residents.

The pure white snow

You don’t have to deal with a houseful of sand, your dog won’t get muddy or sprayed by a skunk, and you won’t have to constantly hang up wet towels and swimsuits.

The excuse to stay in

Because it gets dark so early, you have no choice but to spend a lot of your time reading by the fire. (Substitute playing board games, doing jigsaw puzzles, chatting with your family, painting, drawing, crafting—whatever floats your cottage boat.)

The total silence

The seemingly endless din of voices, stereos, and boat motors drifting across the lake are mercifully silenced.

The activities

Pristine snowshoeing or cross-country skiing tracks help you forget the cold.

The bragging rights

If you get snowed in, you’ll have a great story to share with your friends when you return to the city.

What’s your favourite part of winter cottaging? Let us know in the comments!

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