This is why you don’t mess with a mother moose

If there’s one lesson humans need to learn when interacting with nature, it’s that wildlife isn’t there for their amusement. Earlier this week, Norwegian photographer Arvid Strømnes learned this the hard way when he got too close to a mother moose and her calf.

While biking through a forest near Fredrikstad, Norway, Strømnes saw the moose and decided it would be a good idea to get some close-up footage.

Not knowing—or perhaps not caring—that moose will go out of their way to protect their young, Strømnes pulled out his camera and slowly approached the pair. After he captured four minutes of video, the mother moose charged at Strømnes to intimidate him.

After a scare that would leave most people needing a fresh pair of biker shorts, Strømnes decided to record some more footage and get even closer. And here’s what happened:

The second charge wasn’t intended to intimidate. According to Norwegian news site The Local, the moose kicked Strømnes to the ground and continued to attack him as he tried to scramble to his feet.

Sadly, Strømnes, who managed to escape with only minor bruising, didn’t seem to learn his lesson. “It was not that smart, but I got a real adrenaline rush,” he later told the Norwegian newspaper Fredriksstad Blad.