This adventurous toddler has no fear of deer

One of our favourite perks of cottage life is experiencing the myriad wildlife you won’t find in the city. And while catching a glimpse a deer is usually a happy occurrence, this fearless toddler gets a little closer than most.

According to Kevin Hamblin, who made this video and posted it to YouTub, the young deer was orphaned after a car struck its mother. His wife nursed the helpless deer back to health and later released it into the wild.

The deer now passes by with its herd every few days, and it usually takes time to play with Hamblin’s dogs and two-year-old son.

While it may appear negligent to allow such a young child to come near the powerful back legs of a deer, it’s important to remember that deer are shy creatures that resort to violence only when escape is not an option. As you can see from its friendly nudges, the deer feels very much at home among the Hamblins.

Hamblin also recounts that the deer’s close relationship with his dogs would turn neighbours’ heads. “People would stop in amazement and confusion to wonder why a deer was running with a pack of dogs,” he says. “I wish I had that on video!”