Things we love about the cottage: The hammock

There’s something about the gentle swing of a hammock that can melt away stress, clear your head, and make you feel like you’re part of the forest rather than just a guest. I make sure to take at least one “hammock day” per summer—a day where the goal is to spend as much time as possible in the hammock, whether it’s reading, napping, or just enjoying the view.

It’s the first piece of cottage gear that gets put up in the spring, and the saddest thing to take down in the fall. And the fact that they can be hard to get out of only adds to the allure—“Honey, can you get me a snack? I’m stuck in the hammock!” Unfortunately we now have two hammocks at my cottage, so one of us eventually has to get out to make sure we don’t starve.

But the hours spent in pure, indulgent laziness and absolute silence are where I find my Zen.  They’re the counterpoint to a busy life, the point where you can literally hang out and be truly surrounded by nature and peace.

What’s your favourite seat at the cottage? Do you love the hammock or favour a Muskoka chair?