These Tesla-powered campervans allow you to stay off-grid and on the go

electric campervan sitting in front of a forest

Going off-grid is becoming easier than ever before. Ready.Set.Van is the latest to jump on the trend with their new high-tech, built-to-order electric campervans.

While the outside of the van looks like a standard delivery van, the interior has a sleek and modern aesthetic with white cabinets wood.

interior of ready set van's campervans

The interior combines storage and a seating area. The kitchen is equipped with a cooktop, fridge, and sink. An upgraded model includes air conditioning, heating, and roof racks.

interior of ready set van's campervans showing storage

The standard layout includes what you might find in a traditional RV: an indoor shower and a composting or portable toilet. There’s also a full-sized bed located at the rear end. And bonus—an outdoor shower is included on the standard model.

shot of hidden toilet in ready set van's campervans

The Basecamper layout also includes gear storage garage below the bed. This configuration accommodates two mountain bikes with space leftover.

storage garage in ready set van campervans

And being off the grid doesn’t mean you’ll be without power: the garage comes with AC outlets as well as 12V and USB charging.

garage storage for ready set van's campervans

What sets this van apart from the others? Built with Ram ProMaster vans, the vehicles are powered by Tesla battery modules that have exceptional power for living off-grid. While many campervans offer a 100- or 200-amp-hour battery system, Ready.Set.Van. offers a standard 420-amp-hour system, and you can upgrade the models to 840- or 1,260-amp-hour.

That kind of battery life means that the van can power all appliances, including the lighting, the hot water system, and the air conditioner.

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