The 10 coolest geocaches ever

Geocaching is the rare activity in which your smartphone actually encourages you to go outside and get active. Geocaches are “treasure boxes” that are hidden outdoors, usually in parks or wilderness spaces. The person who creates the cache marks its coordinates on a website or app, and eager treasure hunters use that information to go find it. Geocaching used to be limited to those who had GPS devices, but with the advent of smartphones, most people can easily track coordinates. It’s a great activity for getting out into nature, and it will give your next hike a fun destination.

Though geocache listings give the coordinates of a cache’s location, that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to find! People can be incredibly sneaky about hiding their caches, and they may blend in or be hidden inside other objects. When you do find a cache, there’s usually a log book (so you can mark down that you were there), and a number of items that finders might take or move to another cache, such as toys, trinkets, or books. However, the prizes aren’t usually the point — instead, it’s about the journey of finding these unique and creatively placed caches.

Needless to say, some people get pretty creative with their caches. The following are some of the coolest caches we’ve ever seen. After you check out this list, you may just want to download a geocaching app and get hunting!