Tell us your quirky cottage stories

“Cottage Cheese,” a new television series for Cottage Life, the Channel, showcases the people, collections, and events that make cottage country fun!

We are looking for:

Collectors! Do you have a unique collection at your cottage? Have you been collecting salt and pepper shakers from around the world? Figurines? Pool noodles of every colour? More sandals than you can store? If so, we want to meet you!

Or do you have one pièce de résistance that’s been in your cottage for generations? A new piece that you just bought and can’t stop staring at? Eccentric art and décor that makes guests gasp? Tell us your story!

Are you an engineer at heart? We’re also looking for cottage inventions! From floatation devices to homemade coffee tables. We want to hear all about your creative solutions to cottage problems.

Crafters too! Can you work wonders with a ball of yarn? Turn a fall leaves into a work of art? Old broaches into bouquets? We can’t wait meet you!

We also want to hear all about your cottage parties! Do you have quirky family traditions? Costume parties? Competitions? Contests? Events that are totally fun for all ages!

We will be shooting in cottage country this summer! If you’d like to be featured, contact casting@cottagelife.com.