Take a walk in the woods with these 35 rambunctious Great Danes

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It’s no secret that cottages and dogs go hand in hand—especially big outdoorsy breeds built for Canada’s climate, like Newfies and Bernies.

But even if you love big dogs, the prospect of walking 35 Great Danes at a time might be more than you can handle—especially without a single leash. Luckily, every one of the massive, rambunctious pups in this clip, filmed by Dantry Danes in Gorrie, Ontario, is surprisingly well behaved. Even more impressive is that this prodigious dog walker can remember all of their names for the doggy role call!

Of course, if big dogs aren’t your thing, the sight of 35 leashless Great Danes bounding towards you, nostrils flaring, ears flopping, and saliva flying, just might be your worst nightmare. But at the very least, Gorrie is a rural area, so you won’t have to worry about encountering any of their droppings on a town sidewalk.