Stunning photos from the snow goose migration

Snow isn’t the only thing that clouds Canadian skies at this time of year. The annual snow goose migration is now underway, and these incredible flocks of birds are now turning up in Ontario and across Canada.

Not only is the snow goose migration a demonstration of the unique and amazing ways animals have evolved to survive, but it’s also a visual spectacle. Snow goose flocks can contain tens of thousands of birds, and when they fly, they create massive and mesmerizing patterns.

Snow geese spend their summers in the Arctic, which is their breeding ground, but when the weather changes, they begin their migration down to Mexico and the southern United States, thousands of kilometres away. The migration is a massive undertaking, and it happens in staggering numbers. Thousands of snow geese may flock together, and they tend to travel in short stretches, touching down to rest and eat. Snow geese are extremely hardy. They can fly at speeds of 95 kilometres an hour, and they’re not bad walkers either. Within a day of being born, many greater snow geese must set off on a trek with their families to nesting sites, walking up to 30 kilometres.

The resilience of these animals is nearly as impressive as their massive flocks. Check out our gallery to see them in action.

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