Stunning fall foliage from around the world

Fall is the most beautiful time of the year—no fine print, no provisos, full stop. The fall leaves simply can’t be matched, and if you don’t believe us, you don’t live near the right trees.

All kind of trees provide amazing variety of colour and texture in the fall. Maples come in red, orange, and yellow varieties. Birch trees have golden leaves that stand in stark contrast to their white bark. Black walnut trees have bright yellow leaves. And even without leaves, the stems of red-twig dogwood offer a burst of reddish-orange colour.

Canada isn’t the only country with a striking fall season. Around the world, there are near-endless varieties of trees offering countless arrays of colour combinations when autumn rolls around. We’ve collected some of the best fall photos from all over the place to remind ourselves why we should all appreciate the current season—and the trees that make it possible. Here’s to fall.

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