Scuba dive in Tobermory

Scuba diving

Tropical fish and fine white sand are all fine and good—but scuba diving in Tobermory is all about shipwrecks. Home to Fathom Five National Marine Park—Canada’s first marine conservation area—the waters off of the very northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula are a treasure trove of sunken ships and underwater caves. Explore the wrecks of the Arabia barque, the steamer W.L. Wetmore, and the remains of the Forest City, whose stern is still intact. For a natural thrill, glide through underwater forests and watch crawfish, bass, and sculpin swim through ancient coral. And never fear if you’re new to diving: Tobermory features a medical clinic with one of the few hyperbaric dive chambers in Canada.

More info: Tobermory.org

What’s nearby: Dry off and hike or bike the spectacular trails along the edge of the Bruce Peninsula. While you’re in Tobermory itself, make sure to check out the rock cairn that marks the northernmost tip of the Bruce Trail. Fathom Five and the Bruce Peninsula National Park share a bright interactive visitor’s centre, complete with a 20-metre, 112-step, 360-degree viewing tower.

How to get there: Take highway 6 north from the 401. If you find yourself on a ferry, you’ve gone too far.

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