Rescued moose calf alive and adorable in Saskatchewan

Jan Mitchell was making her way across Highway 1 to Whitewood, Saskatchewan when she came across a tragic sight. There, at the edge of the road was a dead moose, killed by an oncoming vehicle.


Upon further investigation, Mitchell discovered a moose calf hiding nearby, and after much coaxing and patience, managed to capture it for delivery to the Moose Mountain R&R Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Since its admittance to the centre, the moose, christened Mercy, has grown steadily stronger, which is apparent from regular picture updates on the centre’s Facebook page.


At this age, the calf is drinking approximately 20 ounces of moose milk per day, a dietary demand that will only grow as time goes on. The centre estimates it costs $150.00 per day to look after a fawn, but they are happy to look after Mercy until the fall, when the young moose will be released once again into the wild.


If you would like to donate to the rehabilitation centre, and to see weekly updates of Mercy’s progress, visit their Facebook page for details on how you can help them continue their mission to rescue wild animals.