RCMP rescues emaciated seal pup in North Saanich, B.C.

Baby seal rescue

The Sidney North Saanich RCMP were called to rescue an adorable seal pup last week, saving the animal’s life.

According to the CBC, the RCMP received a call on August 10 that a pup had been spotted alone near Deep Cove. The officers sent photos and video of the animal to the Vancouver Aquarium to analyze, and the aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre confirmed that the seal appeared to be malnourished, giving them the green light to intervene.

“The pup [was] really skinny and dehydrated, so she definitely did need to be rescued, and they did call us before they took her off the beach,” aquarium spokesperson Deanne Lancaster told CTV News.

Photo by Sidney North Saanich RCMP/CBC.ca

The pup was transported to Wild ARC in Victoria before being transported again to the aquarium’s rescue centre in Vancouver. The centre is already caring for over a hundred seal pups, many found in similar situations.

The RCMP officers responsible for the rescue were commended for checking with experts before approaching the pup. According to Lancaster, many well-meaning animal lovers mistakenly assume seal pups have been abandoned when they are spotted alone. In reality, mother seals often leave their pups on beaches when they hunt, and then return for them later.

The baby seal was named Laki-Kai—a Hawaiian name that loosely translates to “lucky-sea”—and is expected to make a good recovery.