Rare piebald deer fawn abandoned by mother

It’s not easy being different, especially for a deer.

Recently, a very peculiar fawn was discovered in Cedar Springs, Michigan. Unlike normal deer, this animal has large patches of white across its face and body. Unfortunately, these traits caused the young deer to be abandoned by its mother. Unable to survive in the wild, the strange white-faced deer is relying on the kindness of the owners of a local business called Deer Tracks Junction for tender love and care.


The two-week-old fawn has been named “Dragon,” and is just like its fellow ungulates except for its piebald face. There’s no doubt that the deer is visually stunning. But the condition, which includes a pink nose, can cause major survival difficulties. According to Hillary Powell, owner of Deer Tracks Junction, “It’s actually a detriment in the wild because if they don’t have shade, their nose is very sensitive to the sun and can get burned.”


Further, the stark white colouring makes it much harder to camouflage in the brush, which means a higher risk of being spotted by predators. While we can’t know for sure why its mother left, she may have simply made a judgement call as to whether she was capable of keeping her disadvantaged fawn alive.


Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. Dragon has found a permanent home with Powell, who has committed to the care of the deer. If you find yourself in Cedar Springs, be sure to stop by and spend some time with Dragon.