Rare humpback whale double breach caught on camera

It’s not uncommon to pay lots of money and spend the whole day on the ocean just to catch sight of a humpback whale breaching. The spectacular sight of such a huge creature propelling itself into the air with an explosion of water is a sight that’s definitely worth it.

But imagine Holly Lake’s surprise during a whale-watching trip off the coast of Newfoundland when she posed for a quick picture, and two whales breached at the same time behind her.

Her friend Sue Bailey was just trying to capture her on film. Lake manages to say “Hello” before the two whales delight passengers with their spectacle.

Lake missed the action, only witnessing the splash as they re-entered the water. But luckily, her friend captured the amazing sight, meaning she can at least enjoy a playback like the rest of us.

Joe O’Brien, a tour guide with O’Brien’s Whale and Bird Tours, said that the rare sight is certainly something to cherish: “I can’t tell you how happy I am. I’m doing this all my life. It has been 30 years and … I’ve never seen a double breach. I heard tales of a double breach, but I’ve never actually seen one. But today I saw a double breach.”


The accompanying feature photo for this article was actually a second double breach captured last month by Kate Cummings of Blue Ocean Whale Watch in Monterey, California.

She said about the experience: “One of these two whales had swum over to our boat 15 minutes earlier and breached right off the bow, then it swam off and met up with another whale and both swam over to the boat together and then dove down. Thirty seconds later they were both flying out of the water. I’m happy to know I can scream and take a photo at the same time!”