Poll: Canada ranks second to last for amount of vacation time

While we’re certainly lucky to live in a country like Canada, come summer most cottagers will agree there’s just not enough time to enjoy the serene freshwater lakes and surrounding wildlife our country has to offer. According to a recent poll by Hotels.com, with just 15 days of paid time off, “vacation deprivation could be a reality for many Canadians.” 

Of the 30 nations surveyed, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Finland, and France topped the list for the amount of annual leave and national public holidays people receive in one year. These countries averaged between 35 and 40 paid or public vacation days. In comparison, Canadians neared the bottom of the list, receiving an average of 15 days in one year. The country ranked number 29, beating out only Mexico, where people receive an average of 13 days.

“There is a substantial level of inconsistency around the world when it comes to the amount of stat holiday or vacation time for employees, particularly when you compare Russia to Mexico or Canada,” said Taylor L. Cole, APR, travel expert for Hotels.com. “If you’re looking to take an extended vacation with just two weeks of paid leave, it can be quite the challenge to get that time off.”  

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