Polar bear cubs mistake their mother for a climbing gym

Ever wonder why Coca Cola picked polar bears for their mascot? Maybe because despite their impressive size and carnivorous diet, they’re absolutely adorable. While it’s important to remember that these mighty bears pose a real danger to humans, watching this heart-warming video, it’s hard to imagine them hurting a fly.

Polar bears are notoriously affectionate mothers, and wean their children for up to 2.5 years before chasing them away. During this time, they teach their cubs to hunt, swim, and survive in the severe cold of the Arctic.

This generous supply of care ensures that the young cubs are optimized for success in one of the harshest habitats in the world, and protects them from falling prey to wolves or starvation as they grow.

Currently, polar bears are considered a vulnerable species. Of the 19 sub-populations that exist, 8 are in decline. If you are interested in supporting polar bears, consider a donation to a charity organization like the World Wildlife Federation.