Plan a trip to Onaping Falls

Onaping Falls

Onaping Falls is one of the largest and most interesting falls in Ontario. The falls drop over 150 feet in a series of drops with a large final drop. There are several trails around the falls, some that go down to the bottom of the falls and others that go through the wilderness. The park is free to enter and well equipped with parking and picnic areas. The park even has a wheelchair-accessible viewing point for the falls.

The falls are visible for northbound traffic on Hwy 144, but might be missed by southbound travellers.

Nearby: Despite being out of the way for most Ontario cottagers, the Sudbury area has lots to offer for a day trip or longer. The falls are in the Sudbury basin, which is an impact crater, and the whole area has geologically interesting aspects. The city of Sudbury offers many tourist attractions as well, including Science North and the big nickel.

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