Photographer captures hearts with incredible images of her tiny pet owl

Last winter we shared a gallery depicting the unlikely and heartwarming friendship between a shepherd dog and a tiny owl. Now Poldi the owl is back, and photos of the little guy weathering a rainstorm with a mushroom for an umbrella have gone viral.

The adorable pictures were taken by Poldi’s owner, photographer Tanja Brandt. Brandt, who lives in Germany, regularly photographs the animals she has taken in, which include a Harris’s Hawk, a snow owl, and of course Poldi’s dog friend, Ingo.

“I think my animals like to be photographed. Why? Because I am always outside with my camera and with my animals. So we get to walk together, have fun, go on adventures, have little breaks,” Brandt told Bored Panda. “I know my animals very well and I can see their state of mind. If I go out with just one of my animals, the other get antsy and want to be with us. We have lot of fun together.”

Brandt deserves major respect for her awesome photography skills, but Poldi gets full credit for being such a great subject. His incredibly expressive face speaks volumes. Poldi is incredibly alert, and the photos often show him staring up at the sky, marvelling at what the weather brings. His curiosity is infectious and also extremely cute. It’s enough to make you want to get out and splash in a puddle.

More of Tanja Brandt’s photography can be found at her website or on her Facebook page.


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