Parks Canada wants to know what you think should replace iconic Glacier Park Lodge

Glacier Park Lodge Photo courtesy of Parks Canada

The green-roofed Glacier Park Lodge and gas station was a common stop for those who took the Trans-Canada Highway through Rogers Pass in B.C.’s Glacier National Park.

The A-frame buildings have been a staple of the park for 50 years, but it’s time for the aging landmark to come down. For the past five years, the property has stood empty. It was stuck in legal limbo after a disagreement between the former owners and Parks Canada. Now, it’s considered a health and safety hazard.

Damage to to the lodge
Photo by Chris Corday/CBC.ca

While the lodge will be torn down, Park’s Canada wants to ensure it is replaced with facilities that visitors will appreciate, which is why they’re asking Canadians to tell them what they think should be erected in the lodge’s place.

“We are seeking input for Canadians and visitors to Canada regarding the services and amenities that ought to be available to visitors to Rogers Pass,” Superintendent Nick Irving told the CBC. “We’re also probing to find out about the accommodation requirements of visitors.”

You can go to the Parks Canada website to fill out a form and let them know what you think should replace the former hotel.

Tourists in front of the lodge
Photo by Chris Corday/CBC.ca

Irving told the CBC that many people have already asked that the site remain some sort of rest or year-round camping spot, while others would prefer it become a place to eat. Either way, new restroom facilities are already being constructed.

“We’re also hearing from some folks saying it would be nice if we could do a family function of some variety,” Irving said.

Roger’s Pass is an important historical site for the area, being a key place for innovation during the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It’s also unique for being a historical site within a National Park.

“We’re hearing again and again and again that people found Rogers Pass to be a very, very unique and special part in the Canadian landscape and want to spend more time there.”

While it will be sad to say goodbye to the lodge’s familiar facade, it’s nice to know something useful will replace it.

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