Outdoorsy winter activities for couch potatoes

For some, winter is a sleepy season. While we humans are unable to slumber the whole winter through, some of us still feel the pull towards hibernation. If you’re one of these sedentary souls, you may find the behaviour of some of the people around you perplexing. As you prepare for a long winter on the couch, others are slapping on skis, donning snowshoes, or getting their winter trail-running gear prepped.

These same people probably have another disconcerting habit as well: urging you to get outside. And in that, they’re not wrong. Winter is a beautiful season, and it’s something all of us can appreciate—even the couch potatoes. Plus, spending time outdoors has proven health benefits, even if you’re not doing a cardio workout. Getting outside is good for your mood, and even on cloudy days, being outdoors can help reduce the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. And in a world when we spend so much time time looking at screens, getting outside gives us a chance to rest our eyes and our minds.

There are lots of reasons why outdoor exercise isn’t for everyone, from injury to not having cash for fancy outdoor gear. Luckily, you don’t have to climb glaciers or launch yourself down a mountain with a board strapped to your feet to enjoy the outdoors during winter. There are plenty of low-key activities that will allow you to enjoy the pristine beauty of the season. Here are some great ways to get outside this winter without breaking a sweat.