Our favourite “me time” activities at the cabin

In this season of celebrating coupledom, it can be easy to forget that some of the most fulfilling and moments you spend at the cabin are not with your partner, kids, or friends—they’re with yourself. While doing things for yourself is often regarded as selfish, taking “me time” is actually a necessary and extremely healthy act, which will help improve your relationships and social skills as well. Spending time alone allows you to reboot and recharge, and spending a certain amount of time in solitude has been shown to do everything from boosting creativity to building stronger memories to improving relationships. Perhaps most importantly, time alone allows you to connect with yourself, helping to build a fundamental sense of who you are.

Fortunately, spending time alone isn’t just good for you—it’s also highly enjoyable. A recent study found that people enjoy activities they engage in alone just as much as activities done with other people. Basically, if you can’t find someone to go the movies with you, don’t sweat it—you’ll have a great time by yourself anyway.

The cottage is the perfect place to take some time out and reconnect with yourself. Being near to nature and away from the constant buzz of technology are just a few perks. If you’re looking to increase your “me time,” we have a few suggestions for activities you can try. Your brain and body will thank you.