Now you can enjoy the majesty of the Aurora Borealis from portable tiny cabins

Northern Lights Cabin Photo courtesy of Courtesy Kilpissafarit/CNN Travel

Want to watch the northern lights without having to spend hours waiting out in the cold? Well, one travel luxury adventure company is now offering a very cozy solution: portable, tiny cabins with beautiful views of the night sky.

The cabins, which come with a bed, toilet, gas heater, and eating facilities, are an innovation of Off the Map. Situated at three strategic spots in Finland, the cabins offer amazing views of the Aurora Borealis for those lucky enough to spend the night.

The company “wanted to create an opportunity for people to stay out in the wilderness, but also have a nice comfortable warm night,” Mark Hayward, a representative for Off The Map, told CNN Travel.

Cosy cabin for aurora borealis
Photo courtesy of Courtesy Kilpissafarit/CNN Travel

The cabins are eight feet wide and 14.7 feet long and have glass roofs and walls so you can sit and watch the northern lights in a warm, comfortable setting.

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll see the Aurora Borealis in action, Off The Map chooses the locations for the cabins based on how strong the phenomena is in the area. They’re far away from civilization, ensuring its just visitors and the wilderness.

Cosy cabin for aurora borealis
Photo courtesy of Courtesy Kilpissafarit/CNN Travel

Guests get “the best in terms of the night sky, they’ve got incredible Arctic wilderness, they’ve got snow skis and kick sleds if you want to go a little bit further afield to explore the area,” said Hayward.

Currently, the cabins are only available in the Kilpisjärvi area in Finland, but Off The Map also hosts Aurora Borealis-watching vacations in the Yukon. We’re hopeful that the tiny cabins will arrive in the Great White North soon.

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