Nova Scotia man saves dogs from coyote attack

Waidson and his dogs Waidson with his two dogs. Photo courtesy of CTV News.

A Cape Breton man was out for an evening walk with his two dogs last week when two coyotes approached them.

Ken Waidson was not surprised to see the animals in his area, but he was shocked when one attacked his five-year-old husky.

“I thought they were going to take him down, he’s five-years-old, he’s blind and he’s my best friend,” he told CTV News.

“I was very nervous for him and myself and the little dog. I figured the little dog would be gone because I couldn’t get away from this coyote to get at the other one.”

Luckily, Waidson was able to scare the coyotes off with a baseball bat and rescue his husky before he was seriously injured. The terrier was able to escape in the hubbub.

Since the attack, Waidson has contacted the Department of Natural Resources to notify them about the animal’s aggressive behaviour. They told him they’d be setting traps in the area and advised him to make lots of noise if he was headed outside at night.

While Waidson and his dogs were able to escape more or less in tact, a neighbour’s cat was not so lucky.

“They lost their cat about three to four weeks ago. My little dog found the bones of the cat down in my backfield,” Waidson said.

For now, Waidson will continue to carry his baseball bat with him when he walks the dogs around his property, just to be safe.

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