Nova Scotia man builds giant snow fort just in time for spring

New Ross igloo Photo courtesy of CBC

Billy Lenihan of New Ross, N.S., had planned to build a snow fort since December. However, it wasn’t until the last day of winter that his bungalow-sized igloo was finished.

According to the CBC, the massive snow fort took the landscaper 800 hours to construct. He even used plywood and blocks of snow made with kitty litter boxes to build the roof.

Billy Leniham and his igloo
Photo courtesy of CBC

As to why he decided to build his fort? It was simply something to do during a long winter.

“In the wintertime when it’s storming, you can come outside and pick at this,” he told the CBC News.

“I built a small one last year, in front of the house. This year, I just decided to make it bigger.”

Now, the walls at the base of the structure are about five feet thick — Lenihan doused the packed snow in water each night to ensure it froze solid — making it one sturdy snow pile. Lenihan is confident it will last until at least May.

Billy Lenihem inside the fort
Photo courtesy of CBC

He’s not too worried about the igloo eventually melting, however. He already has big plans for next year. Lenihan wants to get the whole neighbourhood involved in building a giant, three-storey snowman.

We’ll see if how his neighbours feel if the igloo lasts until August.

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