Need inspiration? Watch this fourth grader take her first ski jump

Have you ever watched an Olympic athlete compete in the ski jump event and wondered how they find the courage pull it off? Hurtle down a steep slope, then soar through the air, possibly breaking every bone in the process? No thanks.

But like any skill set, it’s all about baby steps. First you build a few bird houses before starting on a deck.

That’s why this video of a girl in fourth grade psyching herself up for her first major ski jump is so moving. Far from the confident athletes at the Sochi, her voice trembles as she talks herself into facing her fears.

After a few last minute tips from her instructor, she engages in positive self-talk, which is an effective technique for athletes to calm themselves.

Of course, she lands the jump, adding in a few triumphant whoops for good measure. With the Olympic games now over, it’s great to have a final reminder of the dedication and courage it takes to be a ski jumper. And who knows? Maybe we’ll see her in 2018, where things are a little more intense: