Need help with a greening project?

There are grants, incentives, and assistance programs available to cottagers who want to “green” their getaways, whether adding renewable energy, restoring a natural shoreline, or retrofitting to improve efficiency. Have a look to see if one of these might be for you:

Shoreline restoration: Natural Edge is a program created by Watersheds Canada to partner with organizations across the country with the goal of helping cottagers and waterfront residents with lawns to water’s edge restore and revitalize their shorelines. It includes a free site visit and a planting plan created specifically for your property, along with some funding to purchase plants. Natural Edge is already available in Muskoka, the Kawartha-Haliburton region, and in Eastern Ontario, and is rolling out across Canada. Contact Watersheds Canada for more information.

Solar power: Harness the power of the sun by installing solar panels to your cottage. Natural Resources Canada offers some financial incentives, which vary from province to province.

Species at risk: Grants to help species at risk are available to cottagers in various geographic locations who create a proposal with joint partners, through the Government of Canada’s Nature Fund. Your proposal must address multiple species at risk and include three stages – planning, implementation and monitoring/assessment.

Plus, region-specific grants:

Central Ontario: The Land Between’s programs cover 7 key focuses, including, for example, conserving biodiversity and sustaining aquatic health. They offer site visits for landowners and provide plant materials in some areas, and offer workshops on designing your own shoreline garden. The Land Between operates in central Ontario from the Frontenac Arch in the east to Georgian Bay and Southern Parry Sound.

Kawartha region: A number of grants (up to $4,000) are available from the Kawartha Conservation Authority to landowners in the Kawartha region for a variety of projects, including upgrading a septic system, harvesting rainwater, shoreline erosion control, and more.

Lower Thames Valley Region: The LTVR Conservation Authority in Southwestern Ontario offers Habitat Restoration Grants to assist with the cost of adding trees or creating a wetland on your property. Call 519-354-7310 to find out if your cottage property is eligible.

Elgin County: Lower Thames Valley Region Conservation Authority, together with Catfish Creek, Kettle Creek, and Long Point Region Conservation Authorities offer the Elgin Clean Water Program, a rural water quality initiative that provides technical assistance and financial incentives to help landowners who want to implement erosion control measures, wetland and riparian habitat restoration, and wellhead protection and decommissioning. Funding is also available for projects leading to improved water quality or overall watershed health.

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