Model T snowmobile rides again in Labrador

Model T Photo courtesy of cbc.ca

Abandoned 90 years ago by a group of American scientists in the woods outside Nain, Labrador, a Model T snowmobile has been restored to its former glory.

Jamie Brake, an archeologist with the Nunatsiavut government, headed up the effort to rescue and restore the vehicle, which had been outfitted with skis and tracks.

Model T
Photo courtesy of cbc.ca

In 2014, the snowmobile was sent to Newfoundland machinist Frank Noseworthy, who spent three years meticulously restoring it using original hardware.

The1927 Model T was taken back to Labrador, but it wasn’t until later that it was taken for its first test drive.

“We figured it should work but we didn’t know for sure if it would,” Brake told the CBC.

“When she fired up and actually was rolling and operating the way that it should it was just like a dream. It was awesome.”

Model T
Photo courtesy of cbc.ca

The vehicle can top out at about 70 miles per hour, although Brake didn’t go full throttle when he took it for a ride. After all, Model Ts don’t exactly handle like modern cars — there’s no neutral gear and it takes about a quarter tank to go up any incline.

Now, the snowmobile will spend most of the year inside for safekeeping. However, the Nunatsiavut government, who own it, don’t plan on keeping it away from the public for good.

“On special occasions, the plan is to take it out and ride it around town,” said Blake.

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