Meet Zeus, the blind Screech owl with stars in his eyes

Zeus the blind screech owl

Surely you’re familiar with the Zeus of Greek legends. But this story is about a different Zeus, no bigger than a basketball, covered in feathers, and blind as a bat. Zeus the Western screech owl was rescued after crashing into the wall of a house in Southern California. He is now in the care of the Wildlife Learning Center in Symlar, California.


Aside from being adorable, there is another feature of Zeus that is noteworthy: his eyes look like a reflection of the night sky. Even though Zeus’ eyes don’t work, they appear to contain the secrets of the universe, resembling a vast constellation of stars.


It is likely that the odd pattern is caused by vitreous strands found in eyes. This jelly-like fluid can often harden into strands and clumps, which would explain the pattern. However, Zeus also doesn’t appear to have an iris or pupil, which means there are no obstructions to observing the peculiar and beautiful vitreous strands


Zeus now has a permanent home at the wildlife centre. Unfortunately, as his blindness prevents him from being released back into the wild. But who needs to go outside when you have the whole universe hiding behind your eyes?