Husky playing in leaves reminds everyone why fall is the best season

In case there were any doubt, fall reigns as the best season, as proven by this playful Siberian husky traipsing through a freshly raked pile of leaves.

Butch, the Ogden, Utah, pup enjoys the last of fall’s charms, when the leaves have fallen, and are raked up and primed for you to jump right in. Watching the silly canine conjures the image of our own youth when a simple pile of leaves was the ultimate outdoor playground.

And since it’s racked up more than 2,000,000 views, it’s easy to determine that this kind of behaviour is adored in our pets. The dog’s playfulness so closely resembles that of a child’s, and it seems so natural to the husky.

Huskies, the domestic species most visually similar to wolves, are thought to be one of the oldest breeds of dog, and their features can’t help reminding us of their wolf cousins in the wild.

We all know that huskies and all other domestic dogs are the result of selective breeding, but is this adorable, lovable behaviour something that’s been bred into them, or can we see signs of it in their wild relatives?

As the following video shows, even in the wild, a pup is free to exhibit its docile side before being integrated into an adult wolf pack.