How Vosker’s outdoor cameras can improve your summers at the lake

The right monitoring technology can improve security at your cottage, and help you keep an eye on the things you care about, whether you’re at the lake or in the city. 

Designed for off-grid use but also ideal for any rural property, Vosker’s outdoor security cameras include models that are solar-powered and stay connected via 4G-LTE, so you don’t have to worry about power outages or rely on spotty Wi-Fi service. They’re portable, they can withstand inclement weather, and they come with long-lasting rechargeable batteries and built-in solar panels. When there’s movement detected outside your cottage, day or night, you’ll receive a mobile notification, and the camera will capture and send photos to your phone right away. Even better, certain models in the U.S. offer live streaming, and that feature will soon be coming to Canada.

With cottage season in full swing, here are five reasons to install a Vosker security camera at your cottage this year. 


Frequent visitors

With your monitoring camera pointed at the driveway or dock of your cottage, you can easily track vehicle and guest arrivals and departures, which can be very convenient if you often host adult children and extended family members at your cottage—even when you’re not there. The cloud-based Vosker app, which can access multiple cameras at once, uses the company’s SENSE AI image-recognition technology to offer smart notifications tailored to your specific monitoring needs. With the easy-to-use app, it’s easy to download HD photos for each detection, and to review images from previous alerts.


Shoreline activity

Vosker’s wire-free outdoor cameras come with a mounting arm that makes them simple to set up and position to detect any movement around your boats, watercraft, dock, or waterfront—all of which is useful whether or not you’re at the cottage. After all, not all of those structures and vehicles may be visible even from the main buildings, depending on the size and design of your property. The cameras take colour photos by day and infrared images by night.


Inclement weather

Nervous about things like tornadoes or lightning strikes? The Vosker’s cameras give you peace of mind when there’s a weather advisory or storm warning for the area, and you’re not around to make sure everything is OK. The motion-activated camera will capture conditions outside your cottage in full HD-resolution, so if a tree falls down in the monitoring area, you’ll get a real-time alert on your phone so you can see and assess the extent of any damage. 


Curious creatures

From hungry deer to destructive raccoons, your cottage can be a draw year-round for a variety of wildlife and pests. When you’re not there, or not looking, an outdoor security camera can keep you in the loop about any unexpected or unwanted four-legged visitors—you’ll be notified quickly if they are causing any damage, or getting into structures where they shouldn’t be. The camera works day and night, so you’ll be able to keep an eye on any nocturnal visitors, too. 


Work in progress

If you’re having significant construction or landscaping work done at your cottage, an outdoor security camera can help you keep an eye on the work site, even from afar. Just check out this time lapse of an off-grid build in progress. With a motion-detection range of 90 feet, a 43.6° field of view, and a time-lapse photo mode, a Vosker camera lets you clearly monitor the work in progress on your phone, so you can address any questions or concerns with contractors without needing to stop by every day. 


Want to keep an eye on your cottage when you’re not there? Learn more about Vosker’s outdoor security cameras.