Go birdwatching at the Wye Marsh

Located near Midland, Ontario, the Wye Marsh has been a hub of wetland conservation and education for several decades. The marsh is known as the “Home of the Trumpeter Swans” after a large breeding program run by the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre played a key role in the swans’ reintroduction to Ontario, which began in the 1980s.

Birds to see

September: Trumpeter swan, blue-winged teal, green heron, pileated woodpecker, grey catbird, swamp sparrow.

October: Mallard, green-winged teal, pileated woodpecker, ruby-crowned kinglet, American tree sparrow, white throated sparrow, red-winged blackbird.

November: Downy woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, white-breasted nuthatch, red-breasted nuthatch, white-crowned sparrow, dark-eyed junco, northern cardinal.

How to get there: From Toronto, travel north on Highway 400. Take exit 121 for Penetanguishene Road/ON-93 North toward Midland/Penetanguishine. After 17.1 km, turn right onto Heritage Drive (signs for Ontario 12 E/Midland/Port McNicholl/Orillia.) Continue onto ON-12E. The entrance to the Wye Marsh will be on the right.

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