Go birdwatching at Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area

Purple finch

Located approximately 20 km southeast of Picton, Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area has been recognized as a significant area for migratory birds since the mid-60s. In fact, despite the popularity of many other locations in Southern Ontario, there is no other spot along Lake Ontario where birds are known to occur in such high densities during migration. More than 300 species have been recorded at this birdwatching mecca.

Birds to see

September: Ruby-throated hummingbird, cedar waxwing, osprey, mourning dove, belted kingfisher, common yellowthroat, marsh wren, Philadelphia vireo, black-billed cuckoo, wood thrush, redstart, ovenbird, red-headed woodpecker, blue jay, bald eagle, merlin, peregrine falcon, gray-cheeked thrush, northern parula, eastern towhee, Lincoln’s sparrow, red-breasted nuthatch, savannah sparrow, Canada goose, mallard, green-winged teal, and multiple warblers, among others.

October: Golden-crowned kinglet, white-crowned sparrow, dark-eyed junco, purple finch, American pipit, brown-headed cowbird, turkey vulture, northern harrier, great blue heron, blue-winged teal, wood duck, gadwall, sharp-shinned hawk, blue jay, common grackle, eastern meadowlark, red-winged blackbird, rusty blackbird, horned lark, black-capped chickadee, lapland longspur, American wigeon, American coot, red-tailed hawk, red-shouldered hawk, northern goshawk, golden eagle, bonaparte’s gull, little gull, and multiple sparrows and owls, among others.

November: Red-tailed hawk, red-shouldered hawk, northern goshawk, golden eagle, bonaparte’s gull, little gull.

How to get there: From Belleville, Ont., which can be found along Highway 401 between Toronto and Ottawa, take Highway 62/Bridge Road south, through Prince Edward County. At Bloomfield, continue onto Bloomfield Main Street/Highway 33. At Picton, turn right at Union Street and continue onto County Road 8, while taking a slight right onto County 17, followed by a slight left onto County Road 16, before another left onto County Road 13. Continue onto Long Point Road, which will lead you to the park.

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