5 fire safety tips for the cottage

Smoke detector Photo by xshot/Shutterstock

This article was originally published in the Spring 2017 issue of Cottage Life magazine.

Following the news of the devastating Christmas Eve fire on Ontario’s Stony Lake, we all surely have cottage fire safety on the brain. And we should. This spring, get prepped:

1. Test your smoke and CO detectors—then do this each time you visit the cottage, or at least monthly; don’t forget to replace the batteries.

2. Inspect your barbecues and heating devices, especially woodstoves and fireplaces. Empty cottage + animal intruders = nests, holes, and other damage over the winter.

3. Clear your driveway of bushes and overhanging branches—emergency vehicles are wider and taller than your car.

4. Make yourself more findable: are your cottage’s address number, laneway, and road clearly marked? Because they should be. (And island cottagers should learn both the local and the official names of their island.)

5. Post emergency contact info by the phone, devise a fire-escape plan, and practise it.

P.S. There is a ton more to know about cottage fire safety! For tips, check with your local fire department.

Looking for more handy tips? Check out our special get-ready guide in the Spring 2017 issue—on newsstands now!