Find out Canada’s most popular dog breed in 2017

Australian Shepherds JoDi/Wikimedia Commons

The Canadian Kennel Club has released their list of the most popular dog breeds in Canada for 2017.

Labrador retrievers are number one in the nation, a standing they’ve held since 1995. Second place went to the noble German shepherd and third to the perennially popular golden retriever.

Labrador Retriever
Photo by Boaworm/Wikimedia Commons

The newest addition to the top 10 is the Australian shepherd at number nine. The breed, which has never placed this highly before, has been rising steadily in popularity.

Shawna Wiebe, President of the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association (CNASA), said in the CKC press release that Aussies are ideal “for active families who are looking for a dog to keep up with them.”

German Shepherd
Photo courtesy of Albert galiza/Wikimedia Commons

While big dogs dominated the top spots, some smaller breeds have also made a steady climb up the list. French bulldogs have been holding steady for a few years now, while bulldogs and Havanese are also now making their mark.

Regardless of which dog you prefer, it’s clear that Canadians really do love their canine companions. According to the Canadian Animal Healthy Institute, approximately 41% of the nation’s households have one pet dog.

Golden retriever
Dirk Vorderstraße/Wikimedia Commons

Here’s the full ranking of the Canadian Kennel Club’s most popular dogs of 2017:

1. Labrador Retriever
2. German Shepherd Dog
3. Golden Retriever
4. Poodle
5. Shetland Sheepdog
6. French Bulldog
7. Havanese
8. Bernese Mountain Dog
9. Australian Shepherd
10. Bulldog