Find a deal on a new boat


Ongoing economic changes have left us with many challenges, but there are still great deals to be found on new boats. We may have to be more flexible in the boat you choose, but you should definitely keep boating on your activity list.

Buy now, sell later

For boat buyers with cash or pre-arranged financing, boat show season is the perfect time to buy a new boat—any type, any size, this year’s or last year’s model. Why? You can buy a boat with a strong resale value at a discount.

Dealers and manufacturers often offer special prices on their in-stock inventory at boat shows, so there’s a chance that you’ll get a great deal. And if you plan on selling your boat later, you can expect to lose less.

During the late and mid 1990s, there was a shortage of early ‘90s boats because of the struggling economy. This produced high demand—and high resale value—of early 90s boats. In a few years, there may be a similar shortage of used 2011 and 2012 models.

Be flexible

When buying a boat from what the dealer has in stock, you may have to be a bit more flexible because you may not be able to find a boat with all of your dream options or colours. You may not even find your preferred brand or dealer. If you find a boat that is otherwise suitable for you—not perfect, but acceptable—with potential resale value, go for it!

How to get the best deal

Shop knowledgeably and wisely to find the right boat for you at the right price. Do your homework. Look at boats that will suit your desired activities—watersports, long trips, et cetera—and compare between several brands, models, and dealers. Sometimes, dealers will offer a package with everything you want bundled in one price. If you don’t find such a deal, you’ll have to shop carefully for all those extra items.

Some dealers work together, just like car dealers swap cars, so if the dealer you want to buy from doesn’t have the boat you want in stock, have him/her check all the other dealers’ inventory before you pay more.