Explore Norway’s breathtaking cottages and cabins

As far as we’re concerned, Canada is home to the greatest cottage country in the world. However, the cottage lifestyle is thriving across the globe, especially in Scandinavia. In Norway, cottaging is a way of life. There are 70 to 80 recreational homes per 1000 people there, perhaps due to there being land that is both sparsely populated and strikingly beautiful (sound familiar?).

Norwegian cottages tend to share certain traits: they’re usually fairly modest in size, they’re isolated, and they’re very well integrated with their surroundings. In Norway, nothing seems righter than a tiny cabin perched at the edge of an epic landscape. If their cabins are any indication, Norwegians know a thing or two about the value of alone time.

Because Norwegians share our love of the cottaging lifestyle, we have put together a gallery in tribute to the many amazing cottages that can be found there. But first, a warning: you should probably hide your credit card before you look at these photos. Otherwise, you might just end up with a plane ticket to Norway.

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