Cougar climbs 35-meter-high pole to escape school children

Cougar up power pole

Residents of Lucerne Valley, California, were treated to an usual sight when an adult cougar scaled a 35-meter-high power poll in the area and refused to come down. The big cat had been wandering around the remote neighbourhood when the cries and laughing of children returning from school startled it. It made a quick, vertical escape and stayed put.

Jose Ruiz, who lives across the street from the pole, told the Daily Press that several crows standing on the power lines were less than impressed with their new neighbour.

Photo by Peter Day/Wide Open Spaces

“It was funny. It was like the one crow was saying, ‘Hey, you’re not a crow’ to the mountain lion.”

Two Department of Fish and Wildlife officers were on the scene, waiting for the cougar to descend and return to it’s natural environment. The scaredy cat didn’t seem to be in any rush however, and chose to climb back down later that night, when things were more subdued.

This odd sighting came on the same day three other big cats were reported in the area.