Spectacular sunsets that will have you yearning for the cottage

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Every cottager has that one special experience that they wait for all winter.

For some, it’s crunching through a crisply roasted marshmallow. Or maybe it’s waking up before everyone else to cradle a piping-hot mug of coffee on a the dock. Others love pouring a glass of wine and dealing that first hand of euchre. These moments make all of the packing, traffic, and face-level outhouse cobwebs worthwhile.

But if there’s one thing every cottager can agree on, it’s that there’s no better use of your time than watching the sun dip behind the horizon across a quiet, shimmering lake.

With summer’s last long weekend coming up, these spectacular sunsets, submitted to the 2015 Cottage Life Photo Contest, are the next best thing to drinks on the dock while the sun slips away. If you’ve snapped some sunset shots of your own, enter them in the contest for a chance to win some gear and get published in Cottage Life magazine!

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