Coffee-swilling bear breaks into couple’s truck

Photo by Chris Hill

Two hikers were shocked to find that a bear had broken into their parked car last Friday night. According to the CBC, the couple returned after taking an evening trek near Smith Lake, N.W.T. to find the passenger-side door wide open. Foam from a shredded seat was scattered outside the open door and paw prints were visible on both sides of the vehicle. The scavenging animal had also managed to finish off a cup of coffee before retreating back into the woods.

The owner of the truck, Genevieve Côté, was amazed that the animal had managed to make its way inside, since the doors had been closed and the windows rolled up. She and her partner had seen a bear around the parking lot earlier, but Côté said she was unconcerned since there are plenty of bears out this time of year.

Genevieve Cote for CBC.ca

Côté told the CBC that she was mostly relieved the bear hadn’t caused any additional damage. “There are bears out in the wilderness, that’s their home. You just have to be careful about it.”

Going forward, Côté plans to keep a cellphone with her just in case she returns to find a bear still hanging around. She also recommends that people leaving their cars in the area keep their doors locked and park in the shade rather than leaving windows open.

Finishing up your Timmy’s before heading out might help too.