Coffee shop-themed bird feeder gives new meaning to the word “barfly”

Norwegian broadcasting network NRK.no has unveiled a new project called Piip, which provides a live video-viewing experience of a bird feeder decorated to look like a miniature coffee shop.


The feeder, which attracts nuthatches, great tits, bullfinches, and even the odd squirrel, has a camera trained on it 24 hours a day to catch the comings and goings of these beautiful birds.


People are encouraged to interact with the project on Twitter by using the hashtag #nrkpiip on Twitter and to capture epic moments by posting them on Instagram.

The website also claims that “Ornithologists from all over Norway will answer any questions you may have,” so it’s a great opportunity for everyone to find out more about these lovely birds.

Swing by the Piip website to see what’s happening right now. The player also allows you to scroll back and check out all the video since its launch.