Clever raccoon uses a rock to knock on door for food

Rocksy the cat-food-stealing raccoon has a pretty ingenious method for getting attention. As the video’s author, Susie Chinn, explains, this mother raccoon spends her days out looking for food for her babies, and one of her go-to sources is Susie’s cat food bowl. But when Rocksy finds the bowl empty, she doesn’t give up and go home—she goes straight to the source.

The brainy little creature grabs a rock, comes to Chinn’s glass patio door and starts to rattle the rock around on the glass. The noise is pretty hard to ignore. As Chinn points out, the door already has lots of scuffs and scratches where the raccoon has done this before.

Chinn notes that Rocksy is not rabid, which some people assume when they see a raccoon out in the daytime. Rather, the mother is simply out at all hours looking for food for her babies. And while we don’t advocate purposely feeding wildlife, it’s hard not to cheer for Rocksy’s pet-food-thieving ways, especially when it’s for her family.

Even though people often have mixed feelings toward these furry bandits, Rocksy’s determination and intelligence are inspiring, and this video of her efforts is undeniably adorable.